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When deciding on the best renewable energy solution, solar battery systems may be the right solution for your home! Whether you have an existing solar system in place, or you are looking to include a battery to your new solar system install, our Greenwise Energy team can discuss just how you can capitalise on your investment.

So what’s the difference? A hybrid battery storage solution allows homeowners to store the surplus energy created by your solar photovoltaic system, rather than feed that natural energy back to a grid system. Not only does this allow for independence from the shared grid, but it enables you to use the power when your PV isn’t producing energy.
At Greenwise Energy, we possess the skills and knowledge to recommend the ultimate solution for your home. We work with a number of high-quality solar retailers, purely to ensure the most efficient and reliable system, and ultimately the very best results. Our team are certified installers, partnering with leading brands to bring you the most reliable systems in solar, including Telsa, LG and REC.

Since 2012, our Greenwise Energy team have been guiding Sydney homeowners towards a greener, sustainable future. With a vast range of battery systems to choose from, let us help find the perfect solar system for your home.

End To End Service

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Every project starts with a conversation! Whether you’re seeking advice on what system is best for your home and family, or want to learn how solar can improve your day to day efficiencies (both environmentally and financially), call us for a chat, or submit an enquiry form.

Preliminary Planning

We want to know a little more about you and your home. Speak to Jason directly and discuss the details of the work involved - this can include talking about the size of your home, your monthly electricity usage, the best system to suit or even your preferred solar product.


Once we scope out the details of your specific solar system, our team will prepare a tailored report outlining the individual specs of your project. This quotation can be provided to you over the phone or via email for your convenience.

Site Inspection

Upon acceptance of your quote, we will arrange a convenient time to visit your residence for a second inspection. Our technician will notify you before and upon arrival to your site, and will conduct a thorough assessment and measurement of your roof prior to installation day.


With measurements and systems ready to go, our team will commence the work. Depending on the size and the extent of work required, completion is generally same day, however our qualified and experienced technicians will always ensure a prompt and transparent installation from start to finish.

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