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As solar panels generate their own power, many homeowner’s reduce their reliance upon electricity from their utility company, and can therefore experience a significant reduction in their monthly electrical bills.

The introduction of solar panels to a home have been known to increase your home’s overall value, and can continue to increase depending on the type of system and number of panels that are installed.

Homeowner’s have also been known to save on overall installation costs thanks to the numerous government initiatives and funding made available to those opting to make the switch to solar. To learn more about your eligibility, talk to our team today!

Our team will conduct a thorough inspection of your roof to determine what type of solar system can be installed, however our recommendations are not just based on the overall roof size. We also take into consideration factors like your day to day lifestyle, the number of people that live within the home, your current energy consumption and your expected monthly cost for electricity.

The size of the solar system being installed is dependent on several different factors, such as your roof and your positioning towards the sun, the expected energy usage of the home and your current electricity bill cost. To discuss making the switch to solar, contact our team today.

There are a number of different system types available to homeowners, however the system type is really dependent on the usage and location of the home, and the brand of system you would prefer. As part of our inspection, we will discuss the various systems available to you and find a solution that will best suit your situation.

There are a number of Government rebates that have been made available to Australian homeowners, but your eligibility is dependent on the system being installed and your location. To discuss what rebates you may be eligible for, call us today.

Although electrical faults may present as a quick “DIY” fix, we strongly discourage our clients from resolving the problem themselves. We always recommend contacting our team prior to attempting any electrical repairs to ensure that the matter is attended to by a licensed and experienced professional.

We would always recommend seeking the assistance of a licensed and qualified professional for any electrical-specific tasks, regardless of the size or nature of the job. This ensures the safest and most reliable outcome for your home.

We understand the disturbances that can come about when our clients experience electrical issues within their home or workplace, so our team will always make a conscious effort to promptly attend to your situation.

We are based locally in the Emu Plains area, however our team are well equipped to service the Western Sydney area, the Blue Mountains, and its surroundings. But regardless of your proximity to the area, we always welcome a phone call to see if our team can assist.

Being qualified electricians, we are able to service all areas of electrical works, including installations, repairs, maintenance, servicing and upgrades of all electrical appliances.

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