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Greenwise Energy: Experienced and Reliable Solar Expert Serving Nelson

Greenwise Energy is Nelson’s premier choice for solar solutions, delivering top-notch solar systems and exceptional customer service. Since our establishment in 2012, we have consistently provided high-quality solar and electrical services to residential and commercial clients. Our dedicated team of qualified specialists is committed to delivering energy-efficient solutions through professional installations, repairs, and maintenance, making us the go-to solar expert in Nelson. Our solar systems in Nelson are crafted to meet your specific requirements, ensuring optimal returns on your investment.

Our experienced solar team excels at designing systems tailored to your specific electrical needs. Whether it’s a new installation, an upgrade, or integrating battery storage for increased savings, Greenwise Energy ensures a personalised approach. When you choose us, you engage with experienced, licensed professionals dedicated to enhancing your solar experience, not just salespeople. Let us guide you towards a greener and sustainable future.

Solar Systems in Nelson - Your Step Towards a Sustainable Future

At Greenwise Energy, we aim to maximise your solar investment by tailoring solutions that align with your long-term goals. Backed by industry-leading products and quality installations, going solar with us is a smart decision for your family home. Our priority is reducing your energy consumption and enhancing your financial returns. With a dedicated focus on sustainability and customer satisfaction, we ensure a seamless transition to clean and efficient solar energy solutions.

Consider our solar battery systems for added benefits. Whether you already have a solar system or are planning a new installation, our team can guide you in capitalising on your investment. Hybrid battery storage allows homeowners to store surplus energy, contributing to self-sufficiency rather than feeding it back to the grid. As an authorised Tesla solar dealer and certified installer, Greenwise Energy ensures you experience the best in solar technology. 

Why Choose Greenwise Energy for Solar Systems in Nelson?

Choosing Greenwise Energy for your solar systems in Nelson comes with a myriad of benefits:

Over 30 Years of Electrical Experience: As a locally owned and operated business for over 9 years, our electrical team boasts over 30 years of collective experience. Rest assured that your home is in capable hands.

Honest & Transparent Approach: We pride ourselves on a transparent approach to every project, ensuring you are well-informed throughout the process.

Outstanding After-Sales Support & Care: Beyond installation, we provide unparalleled after-sales support and care, ensuring your solar system operates seamlessly.

Industry Leading Technology & Equipment: Our certified installers partner with top brands like Tesla, LG, and REC to provide you with the most efficient and reliable solar systems.

Quality Components and Customised Solutions: We use only the highest quality components, offering customised solar solutions tailored to your unique home or business needs.

Choose Greenwise Energy for your solar systems in Nelson and unlock the full potential of solar energy. Experience the benefits firsthand and join the growing community of satisfied customers.

End To End Service

our process


Every project starts with a conversation! Whether you’re seeking advice on what system is best for your home and family, or want to learn how solar can improve your day to day efficiencies (both environmentally and financially), call us for a chat, or submit an enquiry form.

Preliminary Planning

We want to know a little more about you and your home. Speak to Jason directly and discuss the details of the work involved - this can include talking about the size of your home, your monthly electricity usage, the best system to suit or even your preferred solar product.


Once we scope out the details of your specific solar system, our team will prepare a tailored report outlining the individual specs of your project. This quotation can be provided to you over the phone or via email for your convenience.

Site Inspection

Upon acceptance of your quote, we will arrange a convenient time to visit your residence for a second inspection. Our technician will notify you before and upon arrival to your site, and will conduct a thorough assessment and measurement of your roof prior to installation day.


With measurements and systems ready to go, our team will commence the work. Depending on the size and the extent of work required, completion is generally same day, however our qualified and experienced technicians will always ensure a prompt and transparent installation from start to finish.

Quality Care & Service


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